How to Improve Your Content on Google

Even if you have an aesthetically beautiful website or a very intimidating portfolio, you and your company won’t go far without the knowledge of Search Engine Optimization. The thing is, search engines such as Yahoo! Bing and Google are very much objective when talking about things like keywords, tags and sitemaps among others. Comprehending what these terms mean is not necessarily essential but understanding how to maximize your SEO is. Thus, the following are Google search ranking tips that will help you and your business’ website.



Search Engine optimization or SEO is the procedure in which online generation of traffic towards you website is enhanced from search engines like Google by algorithm search results found in these engines. The higher the level of visibility of your site to these engines, the higher number of generated traffic into your websites. There are a number of ways to improve your site’s ranking without paying anything to these search engines. The following are tips on how you improve the contents of your page in order for you to be top ranked by Google!

Page Titles 

Titles are used by search engines to showcase a page in the search results displayed in the topmost part of the engine’s page. These tags let the spiders comprehend what your page is all about. Google will only showcase 50-60 characters in their title tags thus, it is important to keep descriptions short and concise as well as relevant and compelling. Keywords and page subject matters should always be featured in front.


The arrangement of keywords all over your site is one of the most essential SEO tactics. It’s helpful to take into consideration how a searcher would look for information on a particular service or product you are offering, as these keywords are like to be the same words a searcher would use. However, be certain that you don’t include big amount of keywords, especially if these are irrelevant because this can lead your site being flogged as spam. Search engine spiders are made to disregard ‘keyword stuffing’.

ALT Tags

Every image and video that you integrate in your site can have words that are used to describe them, adding to its imprint. These are commonly called alternative text descriptions. These descriptions enable search engines to find your page with keywords located in your image and video description, including the text all over the site. Thus, opportunities for your site to be found will strategically increase, in turn raising your page ranking as well.


A sitemap is a page that specifically lists and construct links to all other major pages found in your site that enables search engine spiders to find pages speedily and with more connection to the search query. Hence, each page is much easier to locate for both spiders and the users on the same manner, and can be obtained with suggestively less clicks.

Update Content Regularly

We are certain that you would be doing these things anyway- but regardless, it is a total must! Content that is updated regularly is one of the best criterion to spell out the site’s relevancy. Thus, it is your responsibility to keep it new, fresh, relevant and innovative!

Being number one and on top of the list means higher tangible profit, as seen with a New Orleans towing service who saw their rankings jump from page two to near the top of page one. Thus, as an owner, it is your duty to let your company survive in the long run, despite the very competitive market. SEO is one of the tools you could count on to bring your business to higher stakes. Grab the opportunity and hire one now!